Guess who’s back..

Well now, last time I was here I mentioned it had been a long time since my previous post. I knocked that record out of the park this time so, here’s to a revival of this website and my blog!

I was inspired his morning to get back into it and one of my goals is to listen to the hints and prompts that my inner voice gives me. It can be pretty hard sometimes to decipher if that voice is the real me or if it’s Neil, but I’m learning to tell the difference. If you’re wondering who on earth Neil is, check out my very first blog post here. Go ahead and take a peek, or refresh your memory if you’ve been here before. If you haven’t, well HI!!… be prepared for longish posts.

I decided today that reviving the blog could be a good way to help keep myself accountable. For what you ask? For getting those things I keep saying to myself I’ll do, actually done. I have two major ones, well ok, three. Two are on track but one is stalled and has been causing me some frustration.

First up;

Finishing my degree: I’m about ½ way and am enjoying this semester’s papers (Massey calls them courses now put I much prefer papers). In all honesty I’m still not bloody sure it’s what I’m meant to be doing 😊 but I also know I don’t want to be doing anything else as much right now…. (ooh that might not be quite true, but maybe I’ll unpack that idea a bit later)

Training for NZ Masters Nationals Weightlifting: going well! I’m back into 5 days a week training which feels really good. I have the amazing support of two coaches that just kinda fell into my lap. Steph McKenzie and Lachlan Doyle are making my life much easier by writing me a program and helping to keep me on track. I met Steph at the Massey Uni gym in my first year and we became friends almost instantly. Steph is an awesome athlete and personal trainer with a wealth of knowledge. You can check out the cool gym she works from here. Steph brought Lachie on board and he’s been instrumental in fine tuning the plan and clarifying the journey.  Initially, when I asked Steph if she would come and be my coach on the competition day that is literally all I expected. Now I have these two great people collaborating to provide me with the best preparation I could hope for.

Here’s the kicker…

My own nutrition: this is where things get a little tricky. Those who know me know I’ve always had a weight ‘thing’. I have some body image issues (not exactly uncommon!) In my adult lifetime I have had weight ups and downs. I’ve gone from being close to obese to being at what would be considered a healthy bodyweight for my height, which I did via a well-known international weight loss program. I was active but I wasn’t very fit and I slowly let things back into my life to the point where about 5 years later I was almost obese again. Then I found Crossfit and Olympic lifting which literally changed my life. In very little time I was back to a healthy weight, strong and fit.

Fast forward to now – I’m overweight, and while its not to the extent I have been previously, it still upsets me. Neil often jumps in on a mini-rampage with monologues like “You’re such a fraud, you’re doing this degree yet you can’t keep yourself under control, how do you expect to be taken seriously? You really think you can give others advice when you don’t follow it yourself? Who are you kidding?”

And THAT’S where the accountability factor kicks in. I want to compete in the under 69kg class at Nationals in December. I’m currently 71kg. (I did not think I would ever post my bodyweight on a worldwide accessible webpage) My goal is 64kg. Now I will say that I prefer not to consider physical weight on a scale as a measure of how healthy my body is. I think how I feel is a much better barometer. But that’s how the competition works.

In essence I’m hoping to use this forum as a way to document my journey and to maybe inspire others, just as I intended right back at the start in that first post, almost two years ago to the day. So, here’s to my continuing journey to find the path that fits me and leads me to a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Love and heavy barbells everyone.

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